Happy Birthday JESUS and Merry Christmas to All - (Must Watch)

 Merry Christmas to All!

 Happy Birthday Jesus - Watch Inspirational Videos Below
A Christmas Video that will bring tears.

Thoughts by: Godly Woman Daily
I stumbled on this video recently and thought to share it with You!  It is so Easy to get wrapped-up in things, even happy joyful things and forget the true meaning of Christmas. This is what we've all come to. SAD, very sad! This video is a good reminder that no one must forget the True meaning of Christmas! In My earlier Post "Christmas Message" I have jotted down few points on the real meaning of Christmas. Please Take time to read the Christmas Message -- Go to link: http://godlywomandaily.blogspot.com/2011/12/christmas-message-by-godly-woman-daily.html   and Please Share with Your Friends too the True meaning of Christmas. Its not about the Gifts and presents. Its about JESUS CHRIST! God Bless. Merry Christmas!

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