A Christmas Message by Godly Woman Daily

Hello Friends, 

Merry Christmas! 
Greeting in the Name of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! The whole world is Celebrating the Birth of Jesus! Praise God! :) I want to Share with you all a Short Message on Christmas - the Real reason for Celebrating Christmas.  

May this Christmas Season acknowledge us of 2 Major Reason of WHY JESUS CHRIST was born: 

1) To Save sinners (the Human race) & 
2) To Come back soon to take HIS Remnant People! 

Remnant people? Who is this kind of People? --> The 'Remnant' is a small proportion (the minority) of God’s people at the end of time who have clung to the unadulterated belief system, faith and doctrines of the early Christian Church. This Church will be comprised of people who have NOT have allowed pagan ideas, days or idols to have been introduced into their belief system as it has unbeknown to many Churches!

Jesus is coming back a second time to take this Remnant church with Him to Heaven!  The Question is: Are we one among His Remnant People? -- It is easy to say 'YES, I am ready', but think TWICE! It is not for your 'likes', 'Comments', 'Shares' or Hallelujah's this message is put Up! It is for us to clearly & calmly think about that Question again:  ARE WE ONE AMONG HIS REMNANT PEOPLE? Are we going to make it?? If your answer is vague and doubtful then please do yourself a favor and Repent to God! God will forgive each one of us; EVEN NOW! Repent & STOP Sinning for Jesus is Coming Soon! Be Prepared! And let it be a warning for those of us who are Luke-warm! This may seem like Hard-core teaching, but Remember; "Broad is the gate to Eternal Hell &Narrow is the gate to Eternal Heaven!"  Amen! Don't be deceived and be blinded by worldly pleasures. Jesus is coming back to take HIS Remnant Church Only! 

It is easy for us to celebrate the Birthday of Jesus without knowing the true meaning of it. It is fun to decorate our homes and put the beautiful lights and trees up. The family get-together's are Great and Fun! The food and dishes served are great! Giving gifts and Charity is Awesome! BUT, if the real reason of Jesus Christ is not Shared then its pointless celebrating Christmas! 

May God bless us to make right choices in life and in everything we do! May God guide us every time. God is watching over us always! If God is always with us then don't do anything uncomfortable that we don't want Him catching us doing it! Do we? Hope this Message gets through us seriously! 

Jesus Christ is not old News! HE is the Good NEWS! He is still the same Yesterday, Today and Forever! Tell the world this Good News that Jesus was born, lived, died and Resurrected to save EACH ONE of US! And Most Importantly tell the world: JESUS is Coming Back Soon! If God leads you, then, please Share this Truth to Friends and Families who have not heard about this Good News. Hope You Enjoy a Blessed Christmas for the Right Reasons! God Bless! Merry Christmas!:)

Go to link to Listen to a Christmas Song - http://onlinechristiansongs.blogspot.com/2011/12/don-moen-emmanuel-has-come.html  God Bless! 

With Love & Prayers,