Pointless Life?

Don't live a Pointless Life!
( Thought by Godly Woman Daily)
Dear friends, 
what is it that you are going through in your life today, that is, beyond your control? Is it pain, sadness, rejection, discouragement,  fake friends, lonliness, fear, sorrow, no guidance, sickness, abandonment, suffering, unsaved relatives, enemies, peer pressure, drugs, divorce, disappointment, finances, your spouse, kids, no kids, misunderstandings, no fame, not so popular, persecutions...or is it some other trial?

 Look unto HIS face and say, "For all these trials and temptations I Have JESUS FOREVER!" --- and He will say, " My dear child, for This You Have ME FOREVER! I will never leave you alone as orphans but will come to you and that is a Promise!" 
Focus on JESUS
 Live Your LIFE for HIM! 
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