Top 7 Tips That Can Help You Choose Your Life Partner

Top 7 Tips That Can Help You Choose Your Life Partner -  Stan Onodu

How do you choose your life partner? From generation to generation, and from age to age, this has been a great challenge. In order to be successful in this, you need to be very realistic because no one is perfect. I'm not perfect and you're not a saint either. I've gone through this, and that's why I want to share some of the tips that actually worked for me.
1. First, you need to go into yourself and have a mental picture of what and who your life partner would be like. What character traits are you looking out for? What are those qualities or attributes that'll make your heart skip a beat when you see them in your partner? As you've gotten all those at the back of your mind, you now go searching, ok?!
2. That life partner you've found, and interested in, is there mutual love and respect for each other? Does he or she care about how you feel? Are you proud of her? Can you introduce her to your friends? Does she like your looks and the way you dress? Does she like the way you chew apples? Can you honestly say you feel great or happy when you're together?
3. A lady friend of mine saw me and my wife one day and said, 'your wife looks natural'. With pride and that deep tone, I said, 'yes, she is'. Your life partner needs to be natural in his or her activities, attitudes and behaviors, not only to you as her spouse, but also to everyone around. She should be herself in all situations. No pretences!
4. Your life partner should be that person who will always be there for you. Does his presence make your heart glow with smiles, and make you feel better? Does he help, encourage and or support you to grow into your full potential? Is he interested in you becoming who you want to become? He should not be the one to drag you down.
5. He or she should exhibit an acceptable level of maturity. A person who is secure in himself is mature. He has a mind of his own. I do not mean pride, anyway! He should be reasonable enough, and not feel jealous and possessive. He's a man of integrity. He accepts you as a partner for life and it remains till his last breath.
6. Trust makes the World go round, so goes the saying. You must trust that person you want to choose to be your spouse until you really have cause not to anymore. You should believe in each other, without which as a matter of fact, there should be no basis for your marriage because the union would perpetually be bedeviled by crisis.
7. Above all, God instituted marriage. He says it is not good that man should be alone, and so, He made a woman (out of man). As a result, I believe very strongly that you should invite HIM in prayer in making this all-time decision of choosing your life partner. Trust HIM completely (if you never ever did) in this matter, and believe me, He'll bring it to pass. He will guide you. He will position you in the right places; create the opportunities and before you know it, it'll look as though you're dreaming dreams.
To choose a life partner has always been and will continue to be a nightmare to all races across the Globe. Because I feel some concern, I decided to share the above tips, and I think they can be of help.
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