A Parent's Confidence

A Parent's Confidence -  Steve Wickham

Assured, calmness, and smiling confidence - the picture of a parent externally in control - bravely fighting the inner temptation to bend under the strain and shriek. Strongly vulnerable is the parent's confidence.
As parents we certainly know we're alive, don't we?
Any number of convoluted issues of life confound the little boy or little girl inside the parent in us at possibly any given moment so far as troubled times with children are concerned, and yet we bravely remain composed to project a sense of calm over our children's situations - appropriate to their need, i.e. their need of us.
The Parental Prerogative
This need applies to children of almost any age; certainly those younger than mid-twenties age. Family has a way for most of us of never changing most things so far as attachments are concerned. Independence comes, sure, but we'll always be wrenched away from our worlds at a moment's behest when trouble with close ones - and certainly our children - comes.
There comes a poignant time, the exact chronological location, for positive parental intervention via a gentle, reassuring smile or gesture that communicates so much; and certainly enough.
A Child's Right
All children have the birthright of confidence in parents, and yet, as parents we'll often determine ourselves failures for it. Let's not dwell there. Perfection is not only unattainable, kids don't care for it. Failing each other is okay. We would not need forgiveness otherwise.
The main thing is now. It's learning and applying the abiding confidence of God over our situations and our children's lives.
At the second it's warranted, we become instinctive in how we project confidence over their lives. Watching them skip away with the flight of confidence to break through or endure their challenges... in that moment we praise God and are blessed, for we've done our job; all that's required of us.

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