Reminders of Our Worth In God

Reminders of Our Worth In God By Steve Wickham

We may all have worth issues; times when, for high ground or low, we find we have no place of spirit or identity in the world; where we feel unworthy, for no want of external reminder that we are. We may be told, "You are worthy," but we can't quite believe it - our instincts tell us something quite remarkably different. We feel isolated, confused, alienated; abandoned perhaps.
But for many people the subject of worth is not really a concern at all; they may feel more worthy than they ought to, like they have a safe mortgage on life or something like that.
So a safe sense of worth - one rooted in truth - where our worth is founded on Jesus, and the Saviour alone - is not so straightforward.
When we understand the cost wrought by the Father in sacrificing his Divine Son, and understanding it has its human limits, we begin to comprehend the imputed worth God has invested in us by his Son.
We shouldn't doubt our worth, but it seems wired into many of us to do just that. Those straining goals we have, the unrealistic ones, indicate how conditional our acceptance of ourselves is. In some ways these goals are good; they push us. But we are cautioned, especially regarding how unreasonable these may be on us.
Sensible goals are good in that they help us regulate our lives; we become disciplined.
The unrealistic goals are an indicator of worth issues.
Offsetting such issues of worth (and the indication of unrealistic goals is but one example) is the discipline of being more constantly reminded of how good God is by his gift of grace - the Salvation of the Lord.
Why would we doubt our worth? At a practical level, why? At a sensible and fair-minded level, why? It seems we may still do, at a felt level.
It's a tried and generally worn out idea, but just as novel anytime: the embryo that was once us was conceived out of a race. The sperm that our father contributed - that one in several million that won the race, entering our mother's ovum - was special enough to cause conception. That we developed through gestation for those nine months, and grew steadily to adulthood, despite the accidents and all the ill-health we survived, all this, is nothing short of a miracle.
God has been faithful and we are worthy to him.
Maybe the only way we can feel more worthy is to continually remind ourselves of how worthy we are to God. The Father gave his Son for us. All our worth begins from there. We are just as biologically and psychologically worthy as the rest of the 7,010,693,894 people that populate this planet.
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