Marriage is Good For All Men

Marriage is Good For All Men - By Mugendi Elizaphan

Marriage is good for all men. Believe you me I am a man and I know the poor state of the unmarried men. I was mature and single for some years and I know how poor my quality of life was. Many of the men may appear to be rich and doing well but they live a very deprived life. There is a light in a woman that deals with some darkness in a man. There is a strength (though appearing as weakness) in a woman that confronts the strong-looking weakness of a man. There are areas of a man's life that will never yield anything until a woman touches them.
Let no man be deceived that women are parasites as many imagine. In fact let men get it clearly; women can survive longer on their own than men can. But this is not my point. My commitment to my wife yields more and long lasting dividends than any other. Let the married men invest more in their wives than anywhere else. Men, if you dare do this, I assure you that you will experience unprecedented results in all aspects of your life.
For those men that are still toying around with the idea; 'should I marry should I not?' hear me well, marriage is one of the yard sticks that measures how successful a man is. Therefore, marry and have it successfully. Don't be hindered by the few incidences you have heard or even witnessed that seem to paint a bad picture of marriage. God made every man with the ability to succeed in all aspects. Men! Let us marry and stay married.
Mugendi is a re-known and sought after counselor. He is involved in both individual and group counseling. Your Marriage Counselor. He is also an accomplished minister of the gospel. Article Source: Article Source:

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