How Great Is Our God

How Great Is Our God
Michael I Adams

What an awesome God we serve! I am so amazed at His presence in my daily life. He provides in indescribable ways. It is an honor to serve such a sovereign God, holy and just.
I read a saying the other day, most of the time I take little sayings as for what they are, just a saying. Many times people will write something about God and hope that He blesses them. Do they truly believe in that hope? Sometimes I wonder. See a cute little phrase may make some people feel good but that is all. They feel good for a moment or two then it is back to dreariness.
We as Christians have a higher hope. A hope not defined as weak faith but a blessed hope. Many Christians look at hope as something to long for, maybe it will, maybe it won't. I use as example football. I was listening to a couple of guys last fall talking about the last game of the year. A team with one win and eight losses playing a team 9-0. A team ranked second in the state and looking to make a deep playoff run. The one said, "I hope they can do something tonight, it would take a miracle but here's to hoping." This is the lack of hope I am referring to, a dead faith. Fanny J. Crosby wrote the song "Blessed Assurance" blind from birth never being able to see all that most enjoy. This is the hope I wish to express, the assurance we have at the awesome hands of God.
With assurance I told the doctor my boy would be fine. They had lost his heart rate and brain waves, and doubted he was getting oxygen. They wanted to abort him so his mother at least could be saved. I said he was fine go ahead and get him out. I had no clue as to the medical conditions and just how severe they were. I did know just how big my God is. I prayed and left it in His hands. My almost ten pound baby was born and spitting as he came out. Perfectly healthy, PRAISE GOD!
A couple months ago a dear friend and brother in the Lord, our only church deacon had blockages in his arteries. Seven years ago he suffered a massive stroke and had veins replaced by stints in his neck. The stints were placed up under the jaw bone and were in critical need of repair. The doctors had checked him and said one of the stints was leaking blood and both were 95% closed. The surgery was to be extremely invasive as they would have to break his jawbone to repair the stints. He sought a second and then third opinion, all the same report. We all prayed and prayed for him, then the day of surgery came. To be exact on the procedure the doctors ordered more scans to see just how bad it would be. While looking at the scans the doctors found nothing, not a thing, no blockages, no leaking of blood. Three doctors a week earlier had all found the same results, clogged stints and bleeding. They were amazed, and in disbelief. Finally they told him he could go home that someone bigger than them took care of the problem. We all had prayed to God. We told the clogs and the bleeding how big our God is.
Don't tell God how big the storm is, rather tell the storm how big your God is. What an awesome statement! I think sometimes we disqualify our prayers when we seek God in prayer and show our weakness and lack of faith. We need to put it in God's hands and let it go. He alone will suffice our needs. He alone can answer prayer, we have no need to worry when He receives our requests. I know that is so easy to say, it is so easy to sit behind a desk and type away. But my friends that is the prayer God wants, a prayer claiming Him as the omnipotent and omniscience God. A prayer claiming Him as King of Kings and Lord of Lords. He wants His children to come to Him and leave it with Him. Leave your cares and worries with the Master of the Seas. The disciples were on the boat, storms came and they were frightened. They were professional fishermen, they knew how to sail. They also knew exactly what the boat could take in such a storm. Yet Jesus slept. In desperation they woke Jesus and cried," Master we perish"' yet calmly my Jesus stood and stretched out His arms and said to the storm,"Peace be still". God's providence, how great is our God.
The Hebrew children were in the wilderness, between the sea and Pharaoh's army,what could they do? Certain doom was nearly upon them, how could they defeat such an awesome foe? The Word of the Lord came upon Moses and as instructed he raised his staff and the seas parted. The Hebrews passed through unhurt and safe. Moreover the army of Pharaoh was swallowed up in the waters. How great is our GOD!
By faith and assurance David stood up where others had fallen. He knew no man could stop the giant, he was too big, too strong. Yet by claiming the faith and blessed hope in the LORD GOD, David slew Goliath with a single stone. How great is our GOD!
Facing the taking of Jericho Joshua knew his army was too small and Jericho too big. The walls were several stories high and wide enough for chariots to pass on the top. Yet by faith and hope in God Joshua led Israel around the gates of the walls. Then blowing rams horns with the children of Israel yelling the walls fell. How great is our God!
Daniel was thrown into a Lions den for his faith in God. Certain he would not be alive by morning the king shut the door. Daniel stood and prayed all night, by morning the lions were laying asleep and Daniel was still standing, praying to God. Thrown into the fiery furnace the three Hebrew young men prayed God to deliver them. When the king and his men looked in they saw the three men in the fire and a fourth that looked as the Son of God. Even the unjust knew the sight of the Son of God. Jesus in the presence of Daniel protecting him for his faith and hope in God. HOW GREAT IS OUR GOD!
I was lost in the rags of my sin unworthy without I was so needy within. But then But then a King became my Saviour and His riches are mine, I became God's child when my Jesus passed by. He took my sin debt He took my pride, He reached in and cleansed my heart and carried my burdens away. I ran from Him, I cared not what He had to say. I took up my life unto my own hands and lived without God. Oh I knew Him, I knew I needed to return but I was on my own. It was my life to live and do as I pleased, whether I answered to God or not. I had walked away from God, no hope left, no peace within, only despair. A beautiful wife, a good job and nice house all almost lost from my pride. In my pain stricken grief I cried out, "I am cutoff, Oh God restore unto me the joy of Thy salvation". God in His tenderness and mercy restored my life. He gave to me the joy of His salvation. How great is our God! I will sing His praise, I will tell of His love. I came to myself, trying to work out the storm in my life and try as I may I always lost, until one day I told God I was letting go. I chose to tell the storm just how big my God is. How great is our God!

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