Nothing Beats God's Grace to Forgive

Nothing Beats God's Grace to Forgive - Steve Wickham

I was reminded only today that Jesus Christ came to save us, not in trumpets and fanfare and wars and skirmishes, but out of the love of a weak, crushed, and broken human being required by his father to obey to a hideous, punishing death.
Imagine what Christ endured during those fateful and agonizing last twelve hours. Such is his power to forgive, he resisted calling back names at the Roman soldiers and spiting back at them; instead he forgave them in the instant, much to their absolute confusion. All they could attribute Jesus' response to was that he must've been mad. It seemed mad. As for the Jewish political leaders, the Pharisees and Sadducees, and the Scribes and other adherents, they couldn't see the wood for the trees. Finally, Pilate himself could not see what to do; he asked Jesus, "What is truth?" -- Plainly, he could not see.
Only those who can see the truth can see. Jesus came not to redeem the world the way the world expected; he came to redeem the world spiritually; to give when others require a commander to take; to love even when utterly rejected as Peter did the Lord; to not condemn even when betrayed with a kiss. Not one stood by Jesus during those final hours, except perhaps anecdotally, Simon of Cyrene who helped carry his cross -- though even some of that narrative is arguable. Jesus' love is so akin to a parent's love -- unconditional.
Life might seem totally unjust from time to time, but one fact remains; God in Jesus understands. In the deepest pain of tragedy, the one who bore more pain than we could ever possibly imagine, understands -- he understands.
Another plain truth is this. Only when we choose to accept God's forgiveness can we accept our painful pasts... through God's grace -- it's nothing we could do. When we know God's forgiveness, we can easily forgive others.
There is no joy like the Lord's joy. He gave his life for us to live free; free of anything life might choose to throw at us. It's also a ticket-to-ride to build a life we always wanted but were afraid to try. He frees us to love before it is too late!
Jesus obeyed his father. He did it for you. He did it for me. He wants everyone to experience the Father's heart of grace -- the free and priceless gift. His Spirit lives; you only have to see a genuine God-follower to see.
Imagine a rejected God who'd never reject you. Now that's an amazing love.

© 2013 S. J. Wickham. Steve Wickham is a Baptist Pastor and a Registered Safety Practitioner and holds Degrees in Science, Divinity, and Counselling. Steve writes at: and Article Source:  Article Source:

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