Love Begins Again - Via Acts of Intimacy

Love Begins Again - Via Acts of Intimacy

Being 'in love' is not the same as that 'act' of love, which is something that bears itself positively over the moment. This is the toughest challenge for any couple; each day and moment a fresh beginning of love via acts of intimacy. 
Occurring predictably as a selfless act, joining to itself with other selfless acts, it is faithful, is love - the action. We're reminded serially; this love bite never infects us sufficiently that are summarily won to it. We so often fail love - to act in love.
Love, the act, is simple and plain, 

Controlling it however makes us staid, 
Beyond us it seems our life's gain, 
Love does elude at times to raid.

Love comes and goes and then it returns, 

Why it does this only God knows, 
Whilst it's here with passion the heart burns, 
Somehow in it our love grows.

Love begins again as if but to start, 

It travels in kindness and gathers in pace, 
Reminding us now we're not apart, 
Each other together again running life's race.

Love is intimacy, parallel and true, 

The gate of which is in good state, 
Trustworthy, reliant beyond the blue, 
However we are good is our mate.

The act of love is brilliance, securing devotees left, right and centre. We glimpse this as we get it right, for often we're failing, which is but a reminder from the Spirit which owns this thing that we're not 'there' yet. It's a safe, productive reminder.
A Charter of Intent
The growth of relational love occurs necessarily slowly. Like organisational culture changes, changes-at-love occur at a rate hardly visible. We scarcely fall for the trick, then, to place inordinate pressure on ourselves or our partners. Patience ushers and nurtures love.
Intent: it's all about intent.
The Cradle of Intimacy
Does anything build or characterise intimacy better than the simple well-meant act of love? And it's intimacy that finds its home most of all in love... intimacy of trust, of comfort, of faithfulness and unity. Of the triangle of love (passion, intimacy and commitment) it is perhaps intimacy that buoys love most reliably, gentling its presence warmly.
The cradle of intimacy is the proactive way of assuring relationships beyond the strains that assert themselves over the haggard seasons many couples and partnerships endure generally.
This one quality of love is best at ensuring that our 're-beginnings of love' are not so sharply felt; that there's a smooth flow of love resplendent through all the relationship's days.
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