How Can a Woman Attract Her Life Partner for Sex

How Can a Woman Attract Her Life Partner for Sex? -  Stan Onodu

Most women appear very gorgeous when they were still single. They also dress to 'kill' when you see them along the streets. But once they say 'I do', they quickly forget all they did that attracted their life partners to them in the first place. What happened?, you may ask. They think they've actually gotten used to their men and therefore, there is no need to bother as 'they'll definitely love us, anyway'.
However, for a woman who wants to attract her life partner for love and sex, here are 5 easy ways you can achieve that at all times.
- Cleanliness. Cleanliness, they say, is next to Godliness. To attract your husband for love or sex, you must be clean in your body; and you must ensure your environment is also very clean. Keep your fingernails and toes looking well maintained. Shave all 'bushy' private areas. Brush your teeth. Take a shower. Wear your perfume. Put on your sexy... you know the rest I'm sure! What do you think, right now? You know what - you'll not only attract him but you'll also feel better about yourself.
- Make-Up. Facially, a woman's eyes and lips stand out. Her eyes and lips are always looked at. And so, for a woman to attract her life partner for sex, she needs to keep her lips absolutely kissable, and her eyes very noticeable. To do this, she needs to apply her lipstick and eyeliner, and keep them handy at all times.
- Confidence. You're confident means that you trust yourself, you trust your life partner and you trust in your marriage. You need to be confident in his character. You married him, afterall?! You trust your husband also means you do not question his motives; you do not get angry at him because he smiled at or with other women. You remember, they say, confidence is attractive. And so, the sooner you believe in yourself and your spouse, the sooner you can walk daily in a confidence that attracts him.
- Submissiveness. A woman who nags or is quarrelsome can hardly attract her husband for anything including sex. The question is: if you had accepted to marry this man and by implication, decided to give yourself to him, why don't you cool down and enjoy who God has given you? Your responsibility as a wife is to obey him, keep him happy and keep him satisfied. Don't try to change your life partner or control him. It is only the power of submission, with a gentle and quiet spirit of a woman that can truly change a man for the better. Just be happy with who your husband is!
- Gentleness. The Bible says women are weaker vessels. But they have a great power of influence. And so for you as a woman, when your husband doesn't meet your demand including those of love and sex, just be calm and quiet and consider how you're going to put your request across in a very gentle manner. A lot of women do not know how powerful this word, 'PLEASE' is and how much influence it weighs on men especially when it comes from their own. It works well, I tell you. Most men are also soft, you may not know.
As a woman who wants to be attracting her life partner for love and sex, you need to put the above suggestions to work. Make yourself palatable for your husband to enjoy what he needs. If you fail, you're only giving him a reason to look elsewhere, and I can bet you, you may work twice as much for you to be able to bring him back 'home'.
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