A Word of Hope & Blessings

A word of Hope & Blessings by Godly Woman Daily

It is Good and a blessed thing to know that we can carry all our cares, worries and burdens to God. He is a friend who is closer than a brother. He is the Alpha and Omega. He knows everything about us and He is everywhere. He knows when we sit and when we stand. He knows when we go and come. Every hair on our head is numbered. There is nothing that we can hide from Him. If we go to the ends of the earth He is there. If we make our place in heaven He is there. There is no escaping His love or his judgement. He is a loving father who takes care of all our needs. He is a God who knows our heart desires and finds delight in giving our heart's desire to come true. Even when we are unfaithful, Our Lord God is always faithful. He still carries us. Even when we forget to pray or give thanks. He is still there with us keeping an eye on us, so that, we won't stumble and fall. Even the 1000 times we failed, God is still there waiting with open arms. How can we reject a God so loving? How can we stop loving our master? How can we escape His love? NO! we cannot. Our Lord Jesus is always-always there. He is there like an ever present help. Though the mountains move, and the storms rise, Jesus is there to calm it down. No evil can come against us because the blood of Jesus has cleansed and covered us. Jesus is our Master and we should not take for granted the Love of God. For, One day soon, He is coming. And at that moment, we need to rise up with Jesus when the trumpet blows. There with Him, we will reign, and take dominion over every force of darkness. Jesus is king and we will be with HIM worshiping Him. O what a beautiful day that will  be! The Joy is in-explainable. Folks, we must be ready and prepared for His second coming. He is the only way, the truth and life we must Follow. There is no other way but to trust and obey our Master and Lord Jesus Christ. Amen. 

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